Berlinale Talents

Mistakes, and other virtues

Berlinale Talents is the Berlin International Film Festival’s talent development programme, combining a summit with project labs, workshops and development studios. For six days, aspiring members of the film industry can converse with established filmmakers, experts and mentors, and present their work to the general public.

For the 17th edition we developed a visual language inspired by the theme Mistakes.

During a week of public events, 250 emerging filmmakers, experts and mentors came together to exchange ideas on how to deal constructively with the consequences of bad decisions, and to find out how doing things “wrong” can be part of an aesthetic experiment which challenges the status-quo.

Our key-visual plays with the ambiguity of error in creative processes by reinterpreting the theme as though it has been misheard. The resulting alternatives are captured by an array of abstract forms that are unwilling to coalesce into a definite shape.

Durable, distributed, digital:

Networking beyond likes and smilies

We are currently working on a new website for Berlinale Talents which will become a platform and research tool for an international network of young talent working in all areas of the motion picture industry.

The Berlinale Talents team approached us with the question of how the festival’s progressive agenda could be adequately communicated, whilst establishing itself as a durable tool to help foster international cooperation between filmmakers. We wanted to know what digital “voice” would address these concerns, and developed a visual tone which merges the typographic immediacy of tabloid newspapers with a flat, quirky clarity which dispenses with the separation of content from interface.

In a nutshell:

Berlinale Talents is the central point of contact for young filmmakers, experts and the general public at the Berlinale film festival. For the 17th edition of Talents, State created the key-visual for the theme “Mistakes”, a constructive endorsement of experimental blunders. State also developed a new online venue for the international Talents network. The site is conceived as a platform and research tool, but also as a catalyzer for the continued professionalization of young talents.

What we did:

Digital Strategy
Digital Branding
UX Design


Berlin International Film Festival


Photo credits:

© David Ausserhofer,
Peter Himsel, Berlinale 2020

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