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Corporate identity for Mounting Systems

Mounting Systems GmbH is one the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of racking systems for photovoltaic panels. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, the company was facing new challenges in the wake of expired subsidies to the German solar industry. Under new management, and with a strategically crucial new product in the pipeline, we were approached to redefine the company’s communication and marketing.

Through a series of workshops with senior management and representatives from key departments, we developed the idea of the Visionary Developer. Two strengths stood out: a dedication to the continual improvement of solutions to well understood problems, and the foresight to anticipate future change in a dynamic marketplace. This characterization helped to realign the company behind a shared sense of purpose and common long-term goals.

With the company name already industry shorthand for a group of products, we based the graphic identity on a simple monogram. The letter M is divided into three components, and rotated to form the Greek letter Sigma, putting the company’s most important product – the SigmaTracker – at the center of its identity. The two bars can be read as the ground and the sky. The forward-looking chevron connects these realms, and resembles the SigmaTracker’s scissor-jack mechanism which allows it to track the sun’s movements.

We produced corporate design guidelines for all aspects of the visual identity, and also art directed the hyperreal 3D-renderings of product components, lit by the warm glow of a rising sun.

State also shaped the marketing campaign in the run-up to the launch of the SigmaTracker, which was presented alongside the new visual identity at Munich’s Intersolar trade show in 2017. We developed a dedicated product website, produced promotional and technical brochures, data-sheets and sales materials, as well as designing the imposing 256 m² trade show stand.

Winner of the German Brand Award 2018 in the categories “Product Brand of the Year” and “Building & Elements”.

In a nutshell:

State created a new corporate identity for Mounting Systems GmbH, a leading developer of racking systems for photovoltaic panels. Facing tough competition in a turbulent marketplace, and with a strategically crucial new product in the pipeline, we began working with the company during a phase of intense change. At the center of the new CI: a bold logotype, providing the company with an evocative, abstract mark underlining its legacy of engineering excellence and pointing self-confidently towards the future.

What we did:

Workshops and consultancy, brand strategy, corporate design, campaign concept, print design, trade-fair stand design, copywriting, UX/UI design


Mounting Systems GmbH


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