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From newsletter to news-stand

Germany’s biggest choral association spotted an opportunity to communicate their enthusiasm to a larger audience. State helped them create a brand-new, monthly magazine, from scratch.

The German Choirs Association approached us early in their planning process with the seed of an idea. The monthly newsletter sent to its members was a valuable mix of reporting and advice for choir members across the country, but was unable to broaden the appeal of choral music to non-members. A commercially available magazine should try to do both.

The challenge lay in the balance: attract new audiences without alienating hard-core choir members outside of urban conurbations.

We held planning workshops with the editorial team and created a taxonomy of page templates to aid planning. Once a structure was established, we art-directed and designed a lively, fun magazine intended to appeal to a broad range of age-groups and backgrounds.

As well as producing a small online presence for Chorzeit, we also helped the Choir’s Association recruit an editorial designer to their team to produce the monthly editions to our specifications.

In a nutshell:

The Deutscher Chorverband were ready to make a bold move into publishing, but lacked in-house expertise in the field of editorial design. We created a planning framework to help the client structure their ideas, and designed a brand new magazine as the public face of a previously inconspicuous organising body.

What we did:

Workshops and consulting, art direction, editorial design, recruitment


Deutscher Chorverband


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