Planning the Future

Event branding for the 2015 German Architectural Congress

Every four years, Germany’s Federal Chamber of Architects hosts a two-day congress for professionals in the field. We branded the 2015 event, creating an integrated identity which spanned print and online media as well as a temporary way-finding system.

Taking our cue from the conference theme, Planning the Future, we created a simple, iconographic wordmark whose open form suggests the outline of a concrete idea, but also the space for ongoing processes.

In the run-up to the conference, we developed a print campaign for the trade journal Deutsche Architektenblatt. A series of ads addressed the concerns and ambiguities of the profession by presenting them as mismatched statistics.

For the temporary wayfinding system, we stencil-printed blocks of insulating foam and created sculptural forms reminiscent of architectural models. The choice of material was a comment on contemporary building practice: an irony which didn’t go unnoticed by participants. After the conference, the blocks were returned to their life-cycle.

In a nutshell:

Bold design coupled with a critical concept helped our client to foster a common sense of belonging amongst a heterogeneous occupational group, reinforcing their active role as a representative agent.

What we did:

Brand design, visual identity, campaign concept, print design, way-finding design, UI/UX design, web development, production


German Federal Chamber of Architects

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