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Visual identity for the DomQuartier in Salzburg

The opening of the DomQuartier in the baroque center of Salzburg unified five separate tourist destinations both physically and administratively. We were entrusted with the brand development and visual identity of Salzburg’s biggest tourist destination from day one.

For the first time it would be possible to visit the Residenz Gallery, the Cathedral Museum, the Benedictine St. Peter’s Abbey, the State Rooms of the Residenz, and later, the Salzburg Museum, all with a single ticket, and without stepping outside. Our challenge was to align each institution behind a brand which would streamline tourism marketing by creating a single, more easily identifiable destination.

The four elements of the monogram trace the composition of buildings surrounding the cathedral square, and symbolise the unified institutions.

In the early strategy phase of the project, we mediated the various institutional interests before leading the naming process, then developing and implemening the brand architecture and visual identity.

The graphic system combines a rational horizontal grid of four segments with patterns and a colour palette inspired by the baroque architecture of the museum complex. Varying permutations of these simple elements, combined with a distinct typographic signature and rich photographic inventory, address the diverse communication needs of each museum entity.

With its 15.000 square meters and 120.000 annual visitors, wayfinding is a critical component of the DomQuartier’s infrastructure.

In order to accommodate the museum’s protected monument status, we developed a family of free-standing pylons which could be assigned various functions by swapping out their “heads”: from rope barriers to audioguide numerals. Way-finding heads can also be stacked and rotated, allowing museum staff to make short-term changes to visitor flow.

In a nutshell:

State created a visual identity and lead the renaming process which unified five historic landmarks in the heart of Salzburg. We also developed a flexible, custom signage system to make sense of 15.000 square meters of exhibition space located in a sprawling complex of protected monuments.

What we did:

Corporate design, branding and brand consultancy, way-finding concept, product design, environmental graphics, production


DomQuartier Salzburg GmbH

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